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4666 Microwave Oven Cover

4666 Microwave Oven Cover

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? Microwave/Oven Top Cover with 4 Utility Pockets

Microwave top covers to protect your microwave from dust, stains, smoke and mites. They have 4 utility pockets, 2 on each side of the cover. These pockets can be utilized in any way. These covers beautify your asset and make it long lasting. These come in different attractive prints which are eye catching. Protect your microwave with these covers.

? Material and Non-Slip
The microwave dust cover is made of thick and high-quality cotton and linen material. Wear-resistant, dust-proof, non-shrinking, durable. The self-adhesive design on the back makes it firm and easy to install.

? Storage Bag
The microwave dust cover with pockets also has the function f organizing kitchen supplies. There are 2 pockets on each side, each of which is 4.8 inches x4.6 inches.

? Perfect Design
The microwave dust cover gray has a unique and fashionable design, which adds a lovely decoration to your kitchen and home.

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