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1624 Blue Permanent Markers for White Board (Pack Of 12)

1624 Blue Permanent Markers for White Board (Pack Of 12)

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? Blue Permanent Marker - 12 pieces ? 

Make a bold statement with this permanent markers. This 12-pack of Blue markers adds clear lines and fun colors, whether labeling bins for home organization, decorating a work clipboard with doodles and drawings, or adding a bit of artistic flair to your skateboard or summer flip-flops. Set your creativity free and make a long-lasting impression with this permanent markers.

Each marker features a durable fine point, which delivers bold, precisely detailed marks. From letters and to everyday doodles, the pen-style permanent marker produces sharp, legible lines.

? Bold Color
Each permanent marker comes filled with bright, colorful ink that will accommodate almost any artistic inspiration. 

? Works on Most Surfaces
The set of 12 Blue Color permanent markers works with more than just paper. Use the markers to make lasting marks on almost any surface-from photos, plastic, and cellophane to wood, stone, metal, or glass. Writing, doodling, and drawing just a lot more fun with this 12-pack of Bluepermanent markers.

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