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1601 Non Wooven Fabric Disposable Handy Wipe Cleaning Cloth Roll (1Pc)

1601 Non Wooven Fabric Disposable Handy Wipe Cleaning Cloth Roll (1Pc)

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Reusable Scouring Pad Non-Woven Fabric Cleaning Cloth Towels for Kitchen (Random Color)

These Cleaning Cloth Are Great for Routine Kitchen Clean Up, Wipe Down The Countertop, Dry Water around the Sink, Remove the Dust Around the Household, Clean the Car, and any Kind of Cleaning Jobs. Our Towels Are Thick, Durable, Economical, They are a Great Substitute for Paper Towels. You will Save a lot of Money Comparing with Kitchen Paper Towels in A Long Run.

? Scope of application:

Very suitable for daily kitchen cleaning, wiping countertops, dry water around the sink, removing dust around the home, cleaning cars and doing any cleaning work.

? Disposable Cleaning Cloths

Use disposable kitchen cleaning wipes and throw them away, no sitting around getting germs and gross stuff on it, then washing more dishes with the same towel. very convenient for garage, Camping, barbecue.

? Feature

? Environmental friendly material: use with reassurance. Non-woven fabric material, Good water absorption, no crumbs. 

? Disposable design, easy to use. Not damage the coating of tableware, no residue stains. 

? Wide range of applications, best cleaning tools for kitchen, bathroom, bowl, dish, pot and so on. 

? Specification :

? Material: Non-Woven

? Product Weight: 120 gms

? Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 19.6 Cm

? Packaging Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.5 x 19.6 Cm

? Package Content: 1 pc

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